Marie Hickman

Marie Hickman

Journalist, blogger, mom.

I'm an all-media writer, life coach and mom. Focused on saving money and sanity, I contribute to many blogs on many topics.

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Pumpkin beauty article

Pumpkin Beauty Tricks and Treats | EZPZ

Natural DIY treatments straight from the pumpkin patch!

Acv article

12 Best Spring Cleaning Hacks | EZPZ

Simple solutions from your pantry.

Old appliances ezpz article

7 Questions to Ask Before Replacing Big Appliances | EZPZ

Do you need it or just have appliance envy?

Luxury goods article

7 Ways to Save Money on Luxury Shopping | EZPZ

Love the finer things? Here's how to bring down the cost.

Fast fashion article

How to Slow Down on Fast Fashion Purchases

How to build a more eco-friendly wardrobe.

Office gifts article

8 Budget-friendly Holiday Gifts for Co-workers

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Coffee filters scratch article

16 Cool Hacks for Coffee Filters | The Scratch

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